Gararol® Roller garage doors

The Gararol® roller door preserves the ceiling space. As standard it is delivered with a box, however, in case they want to integrate the door within the construction, it can be delivered without a box. 


New buildings - Renovation

Montage: The box can be mounted in front of the facade or at the inside. The roller door can also be integrated in the construction, in that case it will be delivered without a box.


Box: All boxes are manufactured in aluminium.

Slats: The curtain consists of insulated aluminium profiles

BP77 is the standard profile with Gararol®
This slat combines a good roll up with extra firmness. Herewith the dimension of the box remains limited.
- Larger roller doors
BP77 covers up to 15m²
BP77FE (steel variant) covers up to 20m²
- Smaller roller doors
BP55RS covers up to 12m² (box = 250mm)
BP55R covers up to 8m² (box = 205/250mm)


Box, bottom slat, guide sections and curtain (slats) are available in any RAL-colour


Standard electrical (motorization Motorol or Somfy), with safety brake

“Strong, safe and space-saving”

Box dimensions: 205mm – 250mm – 300mm – 360mm
Box design: chamfered 45°