Minirol® TRADI

No box needed with the Minirol® TRADI, this shutter is entirely integrated within the cavity wall. Everything is installed well hidden. Which means no visible box on the in- or outside wall. 


New buildings
Montage: Built-in, hidden within the cavity wall


Slats: Choice of insulated aluminium profiles or PVC profiles (smaller dimensions)

BP42RS-slat (ALU): covers up to 8m²
BP55R- slat (ALU): covers up to 8m²
BP55RS-slat (ALU): covers up to 12m²


Bottom slat, guide sections and curtain (slats) are available in any RAL colour


- Standard electrical (motorization Somfy)
- Manual

“Perfect integration”

For the installation of a Minirol® TRADI you need a cavity wall with a minimal width of 260 mm


BEFORE: Installation without box. Afterwards this is neatly finished behind the facade wall.
AFTER: When the roller shutter is entirely rolled up, only the guide sections and the bottom slat remain visible.