Minirol® SOLAR

Minirol® SOLAR

When the integration of roller shutters was not taken into account with the initial construction, the Minirol® roller shutters are the perfect solution. The box is mounted outside, in front of the window or wall. 

De Minirol® SOLAR is energy-saving, efficient and reliable. This type of roller shutter is easy to install and 100% wireless.


Montage: Surface mounted, in front of the window or wall - outside


Box: All boxes are manufactured in aluminium
Slats: Choice of insulated aluminium profiles or PVC profiles (smaller dimensions)

BP42RS-slat (ALU): covers up to 5,5m²
BP55RS-slat (ALU): covers up to 4,8m²

BP42RS is the standard profile for Minirol®
- Because of the good roll-up diameter of this profile, only a small box is required. For a standard door or sliding window door height (2,3m under the box), the roller shutter rolls up in a box of only 180mm diameter.
- The BP42RS-slat is considered to be a very strong profile. It reaches up to a 3,5m width. So with the most common sliding window doors an extra guide sections in the middle is unnecessary.
- In most situations it’s possible to use one and the same type of slat for a home. The large maximum width combined with the compact roll up, ensures to use a small box, even for substantial window surfaces.


Box, bottom slat, guide sections and curtain (slats) are available in any RAL colour


Solar – Electrical with solar panel Somfy (10N)

“A fitting solution for renovation”

Box dimensions:
- 125 > 205mm (BP42RS)
- > 250mm (BP55RS)

Box design:
- 90°
- chamfered 45°
- quarter around


- A Minirol® SOLAR surface mounted roller shutter is burglar-resistant with the integration of extra safety springs. These ensure the shutter is pushed down at all times.
- With the Minirol® there’s the option of a box closing bottom slat. A pure design guaranteed and no disruptive bottom bar in eye sight.
- By choosing a motorization with solar panel, all the advantages of electrical control are maintained. In addition there’s no need to drill into the walls for the electrical wiring, the perfect solution when the house is already nicely finished and painted.