Personalization screens

Screen fabric types

With the choice of external sun screens there are many things to consider. Choosing the right fabric is particularly important when it comes to heat-transmission, UV-protection, light penetration…


Sergé fabric consists of interwoven glass fibre with an extra PVC coating. These fabrics are known to maintain their shape and colour and to be well resistant against moisture and heat. Therefore they are often the best choice for a translucent screen. 

This fabric is available in different percentage of visible spectrum:

  • Sergé Blackout 
    (100% obscuring)
  • Sergé 1%
    (Privacy fabric)
  • Sergé 5%


These fabrics consist of woven polyester thread, which are then finished off with a fire-resistant PVC coating.

A Soltis-fabric retains its form, that results in a longer lifespan and makes it highly suitable for applications under tension.

  • Soltis 92
    (Polyester thread with PVC coating)
  • Soltis Blackout
    (100% obscuring)

Soltis Stam with Cristal+

The Soltis Stam is an entirely wind- and waterproof fabric which is frequently used in combination with the transparent window Cristal+. This often occurs as a wind blocker at a terrace or balcony. The Cristal+ is also available in combination with a Sergé fabric. 

Fabric colours

There is a wide choice of nice fabric colours available. The darker the colour of the fabric, the better the view from the inside, while the view from the outside remains blocked for your privacy. Obscuring fabrics (Blackout) are recommended for bedrooms. 

Top-colours RAL

For box – guide sections – bottom bar:

We offer 10 standard TOP-colours in a 30% matt finish. 
Besides these TOP-colours, our products are available in all RAL-colours.
Everything can be matched perfectly with the joinery. 

Options in operation

Nowadays an electrical control with a simple switch on the wall or a multi-channel remote is most common. It’s easy to use, smart and comfortable.
Moreover, to maximize the comfort, it’s also possible to operate the screens automatically with a smartphone, tablet or PC. An application controls your screens, even from a distance, where settings in the systems can be adjusted according to personal preferences. 
The screens can be managed through a central domotica-system as well. 
Besides the classical electrical control, there is now the option to motorize the screens with solar-power. These solar-motors are environmentally friendly and you avoid drilling holes in the wall. The perfect solution for a small renovation.