Personalization roller doors

Roller doors are strong, safe and space-saving. With a broad choice in slats, colours and finishing. 

Type of slats

With the Gararol® roller doors we present firm aluminium profiles.

There are different options in height of the slat (55,77 or even 90mm), varieties in perforation and there is also an extra strong finishing in steel available. Steel slats offer the possibility to cover larger surfaces. 

Standard colours

For box – curtain (slats) – guide sections – bottom bar:
We have 9 standard colours and foils. Furthermore they are available in all RAL-colours. 

SUYS is known to be the sole Belgian roller door manufacturer to powder coat the curtains in all RAL-colours. Thus the entire roller door can be finished in one colour that matches the style of the building. 

Options in operations

Nowadays an electrical control with a simple switch on the wall or a multi-channel remote is most common. It’s easy to use, smart and comfortable.
Moreover, to maximize the comfort it’s also possible to operate the Gararol® roller door automatically with a smartphone, tablet or PC. An application controls the roller doors, even from a distance, where settings in the systems can be adjusted according to personal preferences. 

Safety & user friendly

The Gararol® roller door is operated electrical as standard, and is equipped with a safety brake. Hence the roller door can always be opened with a crank in case of a power cut.

A roller door is standard delivered with two remote controls. 

Furthermore there is an option for a bottom slat with safety edge. In the rubber of this bottom slat two sensors are integrated to detect obstacles. There is also a variant available with photocells that creates a safety light curtain that identifies obstructions.